General Instruments

For Sale Surgical General Instruments like Michel Forceps 12cm, Wachenfeldt Forceps 12.5cm, Wachenfeldt Forceps 12.5cm, Hegenbarth Forceps 12.5cm, Childe Forceps 18cm, Childe Forceps 18cm, Richter-Heath Forceps 14cm, Collin Forceps 13cm, Michel Forceps 12c

SKU: P069
Stock Status: Available


  • 06-920     MICHEL 12cm
  • 06-930    MICHEL 12cm
  • 06-940    WACHENFELDT 12.5cm
  • 06-950    WACHENFELDT 12.5cm
  • 06-960    HEGENBARTH 12.5cm
  • 06-970    CHILDE 18cm
  • 06-980    CHILDE 18cm
  • 06-990    RICHTER-HEATH 14cm
  • 06-1000    COLLIN 13cm
  • 06-1010    MICHEL 12cm
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