Obstetrical Forceps

Kielland 41cm, Simpson 30cm, Simpson-Braun 33cm, Simpson-Braun 38cm, De Lee 30cm, Wrigley 23cm, De Lee 30cm, De Lee 36cm, Elliot 32cm, Elliot 38cm, Kielland-Luikart 41cm, Naegele 36cm, Naegele 40cm, Piper 44cm,

Stock Status: Available


14-1130    BARNES-NEVILLE Simpson handles, detachable  axis traction rod and handle.
14-1140    MILNE MURRAY detach-able axis traction rod  & handle.
14-1150    BRAUN 42 cm, 16 ¼”
14-1160    TARNIER 44 cm, 17 ¼”
14-1170    LUIKART 40cm 15 3/4”
14-1180    TARNIER 46cm 18”
14-1190    BRAUN 42cm 16 ½”
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