College Tweezers & Cotton Forceps

College Tweezers modified pattern with pin

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College Tweezers & Cotton

all types of Dental Implants (Dental Instruments) with confidence in quality service. We are supply All Types of Cotton Pliers, Dressing Tweezers / College Tweezers. These tweezers (Cotton Tweezers / Dressing Tweezers) are bends  and have bracket slot to grip accurately. The tips of the tweezers are serrated for a firm grip of the bracket. Pick up small objects with precision, using this unique “cotton and dressing tweezers,” commonly used by dentists to place cotton rolls between the cheek and ...
Operator controls the tension of this all-around utility tweezers. Its fine serrated tips allow you to use it for placing brackets, lingual buttons, or just removing cotton rolls.

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