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Trusted supplier Quality Biology Dissecting Kits, Dissecting Set for Medical Students, All types of Dissection Instruments and Frog Dissection Tools with Dissection Pan at very affordable prices.

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A complete line of Dissection Tools including forceps, scissors, needles, probe etc. The instruments are made from finest quality stainless steel materials. We are supplying to the USA Dissecting Kits Importers, German Dissecting Box Importers, Global Suppliers, Distributors and Merchandiser of dissecting instruments, dissection box or dissection tools are welcomed for good business relations, please contact for further details. Email: info@nemat.us

Product Details:

01-740 Dissecting Set of 9 Pcs. (Price=US$ 6.20 C&F by Air)

  • 1- Dissecting Forceps 11.5 cm Sharp Point.
  • 1- Teasing Needle Sharp Straight
  • 1- Teasing Needle Sharp Angular
  • 1- B. P. Handle No. 4
  • 5- China Blades No. 22
  • 1- Thumb Forceps T.O.E 13cm
  • 1- Dissecting Scissors straight 11.5 cm
  • 1- Dissecting Scissors straight 13cm
  • 1- Zipper Case Inside Red Velvet

01-750 Dissecting Set of 10 Pcs. (Price=US$ 7.20 C&F by Air)

  • Grooved Director with Tongue Tie 14cm.
  • Probe Double 14cm.
  • Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 14cm.
  • B.P. Handle No.3
  • B.P. Handle No.4
  • Dressing Scissors 14cm S/B STR.
  • Dressing Scissors 14cm S/B CVD
  • Dressing Forceps 1x2 teeth 14cm
  • Dressing Forceps Serrated 14cm
  • Black Zipper Case Inside Red Velvet

01-760 Dissecting Set of 10 Pcs. (Price=US$ 8.10 C&F by Air)

  • Probe Double 13cm
  • 2 Pcs. Scalpels S.S.
  • Grooved Director With Tongue Tie 14cm
  • Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 14 cm
  • Dissecting Forceps 14cm 1x2 teeth.
  • Dressing Scissors 14cm S/B STR.
  • Dressing Scissor 14cm S/B CVD.
  • Zipper Case Inside Red Velvet.

01-770 Dissecting Kit of 10 Pcs. (Price=US$ 8.00 C&F by Air)

  • Blow Pipe
  • 3 Pcs, Scalpel
  • Dissecting Forceps 14cm
  • Grooved Director With Tongue Tie 14cm.
  • Triple Chain Hook
  • Dressing Scissor Probe Pointed 14cm
  • Probe Double 14cm
  • Zipper Case Inside Red Velvet

01-780    DISSECTING SET (Price=US$ 7.75 C&F by Air)

01-790    Set of 6 pcs. (Price=US$ 3.60 C&F by Air)

01-800    Set of 12 pcs. (Price=US$ 5.10 C&F by Air)

01-810    DISSECTING KET Set of 2 pcs. (Price=US$ 12.50 C&F by Air)

The premium stainless steel dissection kit is designed to help students, teachers and professionals in the science field make their work or art easier. Featuring a protective coating for durability and protection from rust and corrosion. Our Dissection Sets can be used in any scientific laboratory whether it be about plants or animals.

We have been dealing with surgical equipment companies for two decades. We also manufacture and supply the Whole range of Gynecology /  Obstetrics Instruments and General Instruments.

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