High School Biology Dissecting Kit

Low Price standard Biology Dissecting Kit

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Our biology dissecting tools set contains a large assortment of tools to perform a greater variety and more complete of dissections. It is ideal for senior high and advanced biology. The tools are all high-quality stainless steel (except for the plastic handles on the teasing needles) for easy cleanup and many years of service. This set is a great value for the number and quality of tools provided. All of these dissection tools are contained in an attractive black padded vinyl zippered case with velvet-like lining. The case has ten loops to securely hold the tools and keep them easily accessible. Biology Dissecting Tools Set 4.5" surgical scissors with one sharp and one blunt tip 4.5" fine point iris scissors 5" curved tip locking mosquito forceps 4.5" fine point straight forceps with guide pin 4.5" fine point curved forceps with guide pin No. 4 scalpel handle Five No. 22 scalpel blades 6" one-piece wide-blade scalpel 6" probe and seeker Straight tip teasing needle with plastic handle Curved tip teasing needle with plastic handle Black zippered vinyl case with red lining.

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